Half-Year Financial Report

1996 Half-Year Summary

Opening Checking (1/1/96)$10,067.65
Opening Schwab Investment (1/1/96)$30,342.46
Opening Total Balance$40,410.11
Closing Checking (6/30/96)$11,768.00
Closing Schwab Investment (6/30/96)$31,981.32
Closing Total Balance$43,749.32

1996 Income, 1/1–6/30/96

Checking Interest$151.24
Schwab Bond Fund Interest$73.92
Schwab Index Fund Interest$1,564.94
Dues and Subscriptions$3,126.88
Annual Meeting, 1995$2,278.20
Other (Sale of Membership List)$100.00
Total Income, 1/1–6/30/96$7,295.18

1996 Expenses, 1/1–6/30/96

Blueline, Fall 95, Winter 96$1,923.41
AGI Dues, Qtr 1, Qtr 2$264.00
Contract Services$900.00
Dues Notices$188.19
Office (includes stationery and envelopes, and printing of brochures and ballot envelopes)$392.25
Other (new membership mugs, membership mailer)$288.12
Total Expenses, 1/1–06/30/96$3,955.97

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