Volume 29
Number 4
Fall 1996

Annual Meeting Issue

Summary of 1996 Annual Meeting

Session 1: Digital Cartography
Session 2: On-Demand Printing
Session 3: North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature
Session 4: The Author/Editor Relationship
Session 5: Defining Levels of Edit
Session 6: Quick Computer Fixes
Session 7: Outsourced Editing
Session 8: WWW Homepages
Session 9: The AESE Editorial Guide
Session 10: Surviving in the Digital Environment
Field Trips

Board Meeting Minutes

Regular Features

AESE Calendar

It's About Time
Julia A. Jackson

Treasurer's Notes

AESE Membership Information

Retta Whinnery
Butch Grossman

Education Committee Update

Call for Entries

Rembering Tom Rafter
Tom Dutro

In Memoriam–Elizabeth A. "Betty" Ham
Kenneth S. Johnson

Membership Corner

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