Education Committee Update

Although you haven’t heard much from or about AESE’s Education Committee during the past two years, the committee has re-established its mission and planned activities for the coming year. We plan to serve AESE members in two ways. First, we’ll provide information in each issue of Blueline that you can use or share about earth-science education materials, programs, and opportunities. In 1997, we’ll point you toward guides to educational resources in the United States and Canada, newspaper science features, sources of earth-science information for the general public, and new sources of career information. Our second activity will take place at the annual meeting. We’ll convene a session (probably a breakfast) where anyone interested in earth-science education can meet to exchange ideas.

We are currently a committee of four: Ted Bakamjian (Society of Exploration Geophysicists), Jennifer Bates (Geological Survey of Canada), Liz Brosius (Kansas Geological Survey), and Julie Jackson (GeoWorks). If you would like to work with us to promote earth-science education, please contact me.

—Julie Jackson, Chair