Call for Award Nominations

The Awards Committee of the Association of Earth Science Editors solicits nominations for AESE’s 1997 awards. Awards are given in the following categories:

Award for Outstanding Editorial or Publishing Contributions

This award goes to an individual for outstanding contributions and achievements in editing or publishing that stimulate new or greatly improved accomplishments in teaching, research, and applications in the field of earth science. It is generally not given for a single publication, but for a body of work, which can include writing, editing, publishing, and editorial management. Continuous contributions and achievements that have spanned a substantial time are generally expected. Previous recipients include bestselling author John McPhee; Dr. Gerald M. Friedman for his prolific career as an educator, author, and editor; Allison R. (Pete) Palmer of the Geological Society of America in recognition of his involvement with the Decade of North American Geology; and Walter Sullivan, science editor of the New York Times. This is AESE’s highest award; it has been given only 11 times in AESE’s history.

AESE Lifetime Honor Membership Award

This award is given to recognize a career of continuous contribution to earth science editing or publishing, or service to AESE. There are currently 14 lifetime honor members recognized for those less visible, daily contributions to editing and publishing, or for service to AESE through service in office or committees. The award was last made in 1995 to charter member George Becraft, retired from the U.S. Geological Survey, for his support of AESE and the profession.

AESE Outstanding Publication Award

Given for the first time in 1993, this award recognizes an outstanding earth science publication (individual books, multimedia products, maps, and journals) that has been recently published. The criteria for the award recognize a publication on the basis of its publisher (government or commercial entity); quality of its editing, design, illustration, and writing; production cost-per-copy; and overall effectiveness in achieving its publication goal. Because different goals and production constraints are taken into account, more than one publication may win this award.

To obtain the required entry form for the Outstanding Publication Award, contact Elsa Kapitan-White, AESE Awards Committee, 23906 Hunter Spring Circle, Spring, Texas 77373-6331; telephone 281-285-7563; fax 281-285-8545 ( ). Nominations for the other awards and any questions are also directed to this address. Nominated publications will not be returned unless self-addressed, postage-paid packaging is provided with the submission.