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Thursday, June 20, 2024

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  • Current Research in Earth Sciences
    Current Research in Earth Sciences is a peer-reviewed publication of the Kansas Geological Survey. Each annual issue of this bulletin contains short articles on a wide range of topics, with special emphasis on topics relating to the Midcontinent and Kansas geoscience. Topics discussed in recent articles include: trace fossils and their application to allostratigraphic and sedimentologic studies chemical analyses of Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian coals and chert gravel and Neogene drainage in east-central Kansas.

    Electronic copies of Current Research are available free of charge.
    Marla Adkins-Heljeson
  • Geoscience Reporting Guidelines
    by Brian Grant, PGeo.

    This 356-page, writing and editing reference published in July 2003:

    • is useful to geoscience writers, editors, researchers and students
    • describes essential components required for informative geoscience reports and maps
    • provides extensive report guidelines for diamonds/kimberlite, university theses, geological field notes, core logging, valuation reports, posters & oral presentations, and other specialized products
    • incorporates standards for data collection, maintenance and presentation
    • includes material on grammar, spelling, language usage and formatting
    • is an excellent, textbook-style reference for university level, writing & communications courses
    • includes a newly revised geological time scale as the back cover
    • includes a comprehensive index, references (paper & web) and table of contents

If you are an AESE member and would like to list a new publication on this page, please contact our webmaster via the link at the bottom of this page.



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